Solar Panels Versus Traditional Electricity: A Blog for Homeowners

Solar Panels Versus Traditional Electricity: A Blog for Homeowners

Save Money On Your Home's Electric Bill

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If you own your own house, you probably have an idea about the average price you are paying to your electric provider each month for service. Prices fluctuate throughout the year depending on the electric company's financial outlook. You can have a low bill and then all of a sudden have a higher one due to the change in price. To keep your price lower throughout the year, you can change the way you use your electricity around the home. Here are some ideas for you to use to help keep your electric bill a bit lower than what you are used to paying.

Use Power Strips

At nighttime, unplugging as many items as you can will save you money. Electricity is still being emitted to plugs when they are in outlets, even if the item is not powered on. To avoid this waste, plug in several items to one power strip. You can shut off the strip at night, turning off all of the items plugged into it at the same time. This simple step can save you several dollars each month. If you have any dead outlets, it may be harder to use a power strip in an ideal location. You may need someone, like Argon Electric Ltd electrical rewiring, to rewire your outlets and make your power usage more efficient.

Limit Appliance Usage

Certain appliances use a lot of power in order to run. Your washing machine and dryer are a few of these. Rather than dry your clothing in a drier, hang it out on racks and then stick it in the dryer for ten minutes at the end of the drying time in order to fluff it up. Using a dishwasher uses a lot of electricity as well. Washing dishes by hand can save money on the electric bill as well. If you have an electric stove, limit usage during the summer months. Instead, grill food outdoors or have cold food such as salads or sandwiches when the weather is warm.

Try Energy-Saving Devices

When you buy a new appliance, look for an energy-saving feature when making a selection. This will be listed on the specifications attached to the front of the display of each appliance. The specifications will list an average amount of wattage used per year; you can use this information to compare different brands to find the best value. Appliances with auto-shutoff can be a big help as well.

When dealing with lighting, consider switching to LED light bulbs. These are more expensive compared to regular bulbs, but they will save money on your bill over time. They also do not need to be replaced for many years. LED bulbs use only a fraction of electricity compared to incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.


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